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Erotic lyrics in boy groups

Instiz: Obvious erotic lyrics of boy groups

GD & TOP - intro

"Voice is thin but the pants zipper can't be zipped up"

Infinite - Paradise

"I filled myself with you every night
Yes, I have to fill my body with tears
Our linked arms, the panting nights
The best paradise, without you it's hopeless world"

Vixx - CHAOS

"Rock it yo, have me, if you're not confident, just give me your body
I'll treat it well, carefully, sensually, deeper
Right now"

Vixx - Secret Night

"Yeah secret romantic, the veiled play
Her unique recipe that cooks my hardened body

Girls, even when the day grew bright,it feels like the moon is still there
Oh afterimages of last night's dream still fills up my mind
My body was mastered by you, I don't own it anymore"

Bangtan Boys - BTS Cypher Pt.3 : Killer

"As you know, my voice is a bit tempting
My good tongue skills that send girls and guys to Hong Kong
I'm the top of the top of the food chain
My non-stop craziness"

(TN: Hong Kong is a slang of sexual pleasure)

Bangtan Boys Sugar Mix Tape - 싸이하누월

"My flow is like Kama Sutra, I'm playing you on the beat
Yeah don't mess around, our sizes are different
You're just a collar of a shirt, it dies quickly after it rises up
Go fuck yourself, just suck your finger, uh?

Masturbate behind your keyboard, live like that forever, what"

(TN: Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian book that describes 108 sex positions)

Block B Zico's mix tape

"I'm doggystyle like breeding

If it's self-pleasure, I'll just masturbate

I turn on the music, close my eyes, and have a wet dream

If it's by what you're saying, my thing wouldn't have stood up

I'm more sensitive than the girls on their period

Just like the guys who are doing it the first time, I can't tell the front and the back

I can't stand a second like impotence"


- There are a lot of suspicious lyrics in GD's raps...

- Jay Park's songs are the best ㅋㅋㅋㅋ All of his songs

- Vixx seriously ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The members are all freaking kind but their songs ㅋㅋ

- Taeyang's Take It Slow...

- I knew Bangtan would be here

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