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Suspicions rise for Seungri's car accident

Article: Seungri's car accident, the reason why he got off of the ambulance is to hide the situation? 'Suspicions rise'


1. [+317, -56] Why did he have to get off? An ambulance would've been much faster and safer than his manager's car... Every bit of it is suspicious

2. [+236, -39] I see why it's suspicious... What's the reason of getting off of the ambulance?

3. [+218, -82] I heard that he got off because he wasn't injured. Expensive cars are safe, of course

4. [+111, -110] Why are people talking so much when they clarified that he didn't drink and drive? He got off because he wasn't injured, how is this related to drunk driving?

5. [+59, -30] Everything aside, it's almost 100% sure that Seungri was the one who caused the accident. But Seungri fans are like "our oppa almost died, why attack him?" ㅋㅋ Crazy idiots

6. [+44, -11] I'm wondering, can non-celebrities also do that, too? Maybe I'll do the same thing ^^ When I'm being taken, I'll drop by my home, have a rest, and go. What a comfortable world

7. [+41, -57] Only stupid idiots like conspiracy theories

8. [+40, -8] Is this drunk driving or drugged driving?

9. [+39, -0] Maybe someone choked him when he was driving?

10. [+37, -8] A driver who just got into a car accident is being taken in an ambulance. The patient says he's ok and the paramedic just sends him off?

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