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China to release a film "The Heirs Who Came From The Stars"

Article: Chinese film 'The Heirs Who Came From The Stars', "this is not a work of a joke, we do not understand the criticisms"

A male lead is a rich character who doesn't stop his love for the female lead for 300 years. It's getting suspicions of mixing Kim Tan and Do Min Jun.

The film's staff said, 

"with the ending of You Who Came From The Stars, the viewers were confused and they're curious if this was a happy ending. We will show a new ending with 'The Heirs Who Came From The Stars'. After watching Korean dramas, Chinese women are fantasized over Korean men. We will combine The Stars and The Heirs and will form a more perfect man."

"We will do better and get good responses. It won't be too late to criticize after the film is in the theaters. We don't understand the criticisms we're getting now."

"We're seriously making this film, it's not a joke."


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