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Members of Roommate season 2

Article: [Exclusive] Sunny to join Roommate Season 2 as a member


1. [+241, -59] Sunny is too good for it

2. [+219, -35] She makes me anticipated but the show is just a total flop... I want them to change the whole members and the concept to get rid of the fake side. I think the season 1 members weren't the problem, it was the producer. It's such a good concept but they made it really boring

3. [+205, -57] It's like she's going on the show to rescue it

4. [+18, -0] Can you stop making love lines, you stupid producer?

5. [+15, -3] I don't want Sunny to get into this


Article: [Exclusive] Lee Guk Joo to join Roommate Season 2... Proves her trend title



1. [+433, -74] Honestly it seems to be worth watching ㅋㅋㅋ Honestly...

2. [+406, -33] Please kick out the ambitious Park Minwoo, bbuing bbuing

3. [+219, -26] They chose the members really well... If they don't use the celebrities well, then it's their talent... I don't want them to force anything, that would make it funny

4. [+56, -53] I personally don't like Lee Guk Joo's humor... Why is she so popular...

5. [+25, -17] It's gonna be fun! A lot of charming people are gonna be on it! A variety show should be funny! The last season was too serious except Jo Se Ho


Article: Roommate season 2 sets, the unstoppable 7 members are revealed

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1. [+457, -26] How about changing the concept? They could do "unarrestable 7 members" and cage Kangin, Park Bom, Park Si Yeon, Park Si Hoo, Se7en, Sangchu and Kim Soo Chang. Make it a real variety and do it for five years

2. [+439, -5] Not only the members, but they need to change the producer

3. [+284, -80] Recommendations for season 3 members - Yang Hyun Suk, Psy, Seven, Park Bong, GD, Seungri, Nam Taehyun, and B.I. Make it a full YG whom gets their ass licked by SBS

4. [+36, -2] It'd be so hard to flop with these members... I think they put a lot of effort with casting. If this flops, then the producer and the script writer is the problem...

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