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Yoona vs Krystal vs Suzy

Pann: Yoona vs Krystal vs Suzy

If you were to be re-born, who do you want to be born as?





1. [+181, -64] I don't care about being skinny, I want to be born with Yoona's face. I was so amazed when I saw Yoona in real life. She's so pretty... She's just a goddess

2. [+173, -63] God Yoona

3. [+168, -58] Yoona

4. [+97, -86] She looks innocent and so pretty. And her behavior is well-mannered. She's lovely and pretty


5. [+81, -30] Suzy

6. [+64, -29] Suzy

7. [+54, -23] I choose Yoona. I want to be born with a pretty and a small face... I envy her because her bare face is still pretty...

8. [+49, -16] Honestly Yoona is the prettiest but I choose Suzy ㅋㅋ She has a likeable face that appeals to everyone

9. [+45, -61] Suzy > Yoona > Krystal

10. [+43, -24] Suzy for me ㅠㅠ


11. [+38, -30] Of course Yoona. There isn't a female idol who surpasses Yoona yet

12. [+37, -13] Krystal. I like her cold aura. Yoona and Suzy look kind so they'd get asked out alot but Krystal has an aura that's difficult to approach, which I really like. She's totally my role model. She looks so chic and cool. Btw I don't care how men see me because I'm a celibate

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