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Super Junior's upcoming comeback

Article: [Exclusive] Super Junior in discussions to comeback at the end of the month... The return of hallyu kings


1. [+2169, -109] Aren't too many SM artists coming at once?

2. [+1679, -244] They kept saying that the album will be the last album before enlisting. I guess this is the real last one

3. [+1493, -98] What happened to the Kibum member? Is he not a singer anymore?

4. [+1413, -61] Don't need anything else, I just hope their song is good

5. [+942, -68] What about Kibum? Huh?

6. [+365, -8] Congratulations but Red Velvet is promoting, and Taemin and TaeTiSeo are having comebacks, too... Is SM thinking when they're making their schedule?

7. [+413, -63] SuJu is so mistreated is Korea... They win #1, 2 overseas...

8. [+395, -59] Not sure how they're in our country but there isn't a group like SuJu overseas... I think they won #1 for 40 weeks in Taiwan...

9. [+346, -32] Bring a song with Sorry Sorry level

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