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Social group for high-class people - Seoul Club

Instiz: Seoul Club where Minguk said he met Minyul's friends on Appa Odiga

Minguk: "I met Minyul's friends at Seoul Club"

Seoul Club is a social group of high-class people. In 1904, Emperor Gojong created this social club to exchange cultures with foreigners. The members are about 1000 people and you pay $75,000 when you join. After joining, you also have to pay $350 every month. The waiting period to join is about 3~4 years. The number of members are limited so someone can join the club if a member decides to leave. If you want to be waitlisted, you have to have references from two members. You get the references, be waitlisted, and you have to go through hard steps to be judged to join. Because of these high standards, the members can avoid the attention from the public. A lot of powerful politicians come and the connections you can get at Seoul Club is unquestionable.

Pictures of an event of year end. The people are the 0.1% top people, and half of the members are foreigners.


- Woah it's a completely different world...

- So Minguk is a member of the club? Woah...

- Ri Hwan also attends a really expensive English kindergarten... 

- What am I doing here

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