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Red Velvet's lip-sync on their first week

Pann: Red Velvet lip-sync

(Pann talks about Red Velvet lip-syncing at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WcBbUFJ9CU)


1. [+107, -9] So the singers have to lip-sync on their first week... What?? What is SM thinking? Of course singers shouldn't lip-sync. Reminds me of Taemin saying "My pride was hurt because I was a singer, not a dancer, but I only danced."

2. [+98, -15] SM artists perform with pre-recorded voices. F(x) did the same thing

3. [+67, -7] If they're gonna sing, then the choreography should be easier. The members were out of breath, singing hurriedly, and it was a mess

4. [+30, -3] What I don't understand is that when SM gets criticized for lip-syncing, fans say "all SM singers lip-sync on their first week" as if it's normal. Are you saying that SM singers are allowed to lip-sync? Is SM a special treatment? They're all singers ㅋㅋ

5. [+29, -19] I could hear their clapping sounds, how are they lip-syncing?

6. [+27, -3] I'm sure they sang live with AR on Music Core because they banned lip-syncing. They lip-synced on Music Bank and Inkigayo. They started singing live after the first week

7. [+24, -3] They sang all live last week ㅋㅋ But I really think SM is weird. Why do the singers have to lip-sync on the first week?

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