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Zico's straight hair

Pann: Zico's straight hair


1. [+67, -6] Jiho makes my heart fluttered <3


2. [+58, -6] I think these looks are the calmest looks of him I've seen recently. Jiho-ya, just focus on rapping, or just be tall, don't be cute, don't dress well, or don't compose songs. You're even learning to play a guitar... Don't ㅠㅠ Kidding, don't work too much and don't get sick. If you're bored, release your mixtape please

3. [+55, -6] HER song was so sweet and Zico wrote the lyrics ㅠㅠ The lyrics are amazing

4. [+21, -41] So you're dating Jung Eunji?

5. [+20, -3] Zico Pann!


6. [+19, -2] (exo fan) Thanks to BBCs for giving us oranges at IAC. They were delicious. I wish the best for Block B. HER is so good

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