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Sexiest female idol?

Pann: Who do you think is the sexiest from the following?






1. [+246, -88] Hyuna. Gain looks cute when she has no makeup on. When Hyuna is on the stage, her smile is sexier than her dancing. Other idols don't smile when they do sexy concepts

2. [+237, -84] Take Sunmi out ㅋㅋ I choose Gain. Gain's personalities are so chic so she's always sexy... The others are only trying to be sexy

3. [+228, -265] From Gain to the last: sexy-fat-skinny-cheap

4. [+81, -21] People say Hyuna wears revealing clothes and they don't agree with her sexiness, but Gain's stage outfits are no different from hers. They're similar. The reason why Hyuna is more issued for her exposure is because her eyes and body are just sexier. Gain's singing is a wall Hyuna can't climb over but no one can reach Hyuna's stage presence

5. [+65, -12] Definitely Hyuna from idol world. Her outstanding stage presence as a soloist. Even though her recent song was weird, she had a great body, looks, and choreography. She was born to be a celebrity

6. [+62, -50] Honestly Gain is sexy. Hyuna is not really sexy, she's just stripping. Hyosung is still considered cute. Sunmi's aura is more of dreamlike?

7. [+61, -9] Hyuna


8. [+58, -0] What's sure is that Sunmi is the least sexiest

9. [+55, -6] Hyuna's sexiness is at a different class

10. [+49, -7] Pae-wang-saek Hyuna. The end

11. [+48, -12] Compare what you can compare. Of course it's Hyuna

12. [+37, -24] If you can tell the real sexiness, then you'd say Gain ㅋㅋ Her body gesture is amazing... Even though I don't want to admit ㅠㅠ

13. [+31, -7] Why did you have to include pae-wang-saek at the end

14. [+27, -6] Hyuna is more of a dancer. Hyosung's body is liked by men. Not sure about Sunmi. Gain is really sexy

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