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2013 Annual Melon Digital Chart

1. Johnny (ft. Dynamic Duo) - Primary
2. Tears (ft. Yoojin of The Seeya) Leessang
3. NoNoNo Apink
4. Shower of Tears (ft. Ailee) Baechigi
5. ? (ft. Choiza of Dynamic Duo, Zion.T) Primary
6. Give It To Me Sistar
7. What's Your Name? 4Minute
8. Monodrama Heo Gak
9. My Love Lee Seung Chul
10. Gone Not Around Any Longer Sistar19

11. Bad Girl (ft. E-Sens of Supreme Team) Bumkey
12. Growl EXO
13. Turtle Davichi
14. Gentleman Psy
15. Officially Missing You Too Geeks and Soyou
16. Bom Bom Bom Roy Kim
17. Touch Love - T Yoon Mirae
18. Story of Someone I Know San E
19. U&I Ailee
20. BAAAM (ft. Muzie of UV) Dynamic Duo

21. Stupid in Love Soyou and Mad Clown
22. Bar Bar Bar Crayon Pop
23. Be Warmed (ft. Verbal Jint) Davichi
24. Short Hair Heo Gak and Jung Eunji
25. Cherry Blossom Ending Busker Busker
26. Love At First Busker Busker
27. Missing You Today Davichi
28. Tonight (ft. Baechigi) Lyn
29. Propose Song 4men
30. Crescendo Akdong Musician

31. Love Blossom K.Will
32. See Through (ft. Zion.T, Gaeko of Dynamic Duo) Primary
33. Attraction (ft. Dynamic Duo) Bumkey
34. Crooked G-Dragon
35. I Love You AkMu
36. Expect Girl's Day
37. Hello It's Me 4men
38. Red Shoes IU
39. A Guy Like Me Lim Chang Jung
40. Wash Away (ft. Ailee) Geeks

41. Who You? G-Dragon
42. Snowflakes Gummy
43. One Last Time Vibe
44. Bounce Cho Yong Pil
45. I Got A Boy SNSD
46. Winter Love The One
47. Too Much Regret Busker Busker
48. Crazy of You Hyorin
49. All Right Lim Kim
50. How Is It (ft. Harim) Geeks

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