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Ranking of Korean shows and dramas

Article: 'Infinity Challenge' and 'Jang Bori is Here' chosen to be #1 and #2 show Koreans like the most

1. Infinity Challenge
2. Jang Bori is Here
3. Running Man
4. Return of the Superman
5. 1N2D
6. Abnormal Summit
7. Real Man / Gag Concert
9. It's OK, It's Love
10. Dad Where Are You Going
11. Chosun Gunman
12. War of Words
13. There's a Cat
14. I'm a Natural Person
15. Mother's Garden / Witch Hunt
17. Youths Over Flowers / World Theme Travel / Law of the Jungle / Fated to Love You


1. [+558, -24] Infinity Challenge is amazing... It's been nearly ten years already. Especially how Yoo Jae Suk can take care of himself so strictly...

2. [+507, -23] Fun shows these days: Infinity Challenge and Abnormal Summit

3. [+281, -33] Jang Bori is Here is so funny!!!

4. [+24, -5] Those who don't watch Infinity Challenge wouldn't agree but whenever I think of Saturday, Infinity Challenge comes to my mind first

5. [+23, -8] Is it the difference of Yoo Jae Suk being in the show or not? Running Man used to be really unpopular but it's amazing how they got to here. It also has a lot of international fans

6. [+20, -7] How many years are they taking the #1? They're gonna become Jeon Won Diary ㅋㅋ A long-run show

7. [+18, -5] Female celebrities special on Real man was god's work ㅋㅋ

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