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Pann discusses Seungri's club scandal & Bigbang's image

Pann: Is it true that Seungri was at the club on the day of the incident?

1. [+1462, -14] He was caught having sex with a woman in pictures but he got a pass because "an idol is also human". On Salty Tour, he made a female idol pour drink and got a warning from the board but people defended him because "it's nothing". I can tell how easy his life is ㅋㅋ How often did this happen that the workers were just staring at them when the man was dragging the drugged woman? The club president beat up the man, the police turned the victim into the assaulter... It's disgusting. He said he runs the club by himself yet he didn't know? That's nonsense. The woman was drugged but she tried hard to stop being dragged. I don't want to see Seungri on the broadcast again. Don't even try to pay back with music.

2. [+923, -10] I felt so bad for the woman who got dragged. She was grabbing by the laptop at the end but the workers were just looking at her and took the laptop.

3. [+879, -4] Even the police was summoned to the club, there's no way the club owner wouldn't know about it.

4. [+404, -2] I don't really know about this incident, is this summary true? Are they crazy?

1) The president of Burning Sun drugged a woman and dragged her out to rape her. The workers didn't seem to care and only took care of the laptop. 2) The woman hid behind the victim guy. 3) The victim tried to help her and stopped the president. 4) The woman got dragged out eventually and the victim guy was taken outside by the guards. 5) The guards beat up the victim. 6) The police was summoned and handcuffed the victim. 7) The police took the victim to the police station and accused him of sexual assault. They pushed away the victim's mother, didn't send the victim to the hospital, and beat up the victim. Conclusion: Burning Sun + Seungri + YG + Yeoksam Police Station + Naver + OSEN have a connection.

5. [+392, -0] Don't give us bullshit like "I'll repay with music". The group has druggies already, the solution is to disband. The police is a bigger problem, though.

6. [+388, -3] Bigbang's every scandal is women, drinking, club, military service, and marijuana... There's a limit to stanning. VIPs are amazing, I would've left the fandom already.

7. [+312, -2] Look how they drugged the woman and dragged her out. The workers seem to be used to it and only care about their laptop.

8. [+305, -1] I'm disappointed with the police the most ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The police gets all the respect and yet they selectively investigate and report ㅋㅋ

9. [+302, -1] If someone hands you a drink at a club, don't drink it. Don't trust a drink even if it's new and don't get drunk. I went to a club 5 times and I fell into dangerous situations in all those 5 times. I shook off a guy who was following me and he kept forcing me to drink. Other time, I already had drinks before going to the club and I got surrounded by a group of guys who wouldn't let me leave. My friend had to rescue me. If you like everyone including jerks and assholes, you can go. If you want to have fun nicely, avoid going to a club.

10. [+266, -1] In real life version of Veteran.

(Picture of the victim at the police station)
His caption: "I told you guys (the policemen that were beating him up) that I'll make you appear on the news and you all laughed at me. Watch today's MBC news at 8PM."

(3 ribs broken. Nerves got disconnected and he can't feel his right hand. His muscles melted and it blocked his blood flow, which could've killed him.)

"Six policemen smashed my head on the ground and trampled on me. My mother tried to film it with her phone and they took her out and locked the door. I had 15 policemen surrounding me, blocking my sight, handcuffing me, and trampling on my whole body like I was a cigarette piece. They kicked my face with a knee, too."


Pann: Look at the victim's Instagram of Seungri's club scandal

1. [+351, -1] Seungri really didn't know that an aphrodisiac was being used at his club? So disgusting.

(Another club 'Arena' announcing that they'll pause selling female stimulant due to the controversy)

2. [+332, -0] We don't need policemen who are only good at studying. There needs to a be a new official exam on their character as well. Why do you think the police exists?

3. [+228, -1] Wow this is crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are they really the police?

4. [+143, -0] Is this in the 80's during Park Jung Hee and Jun Doo Hwan regimes?

5. [+131, -0] Inside of the victim's mouth was very injured. He was bleeding a lot and his blood turned yellow. I think it was a discharge from the wound, but the police was like "Take a picture of him spitting on the ground so that we can charge him for interfering in the execution of duty."


Pann: Seungri's club scandal is so scary and Seungri and the police are really disgusting

1. [+330, -1] The gif of the woman being dragged out gives me goosebumps every time. The woman grabs the laptop first and then the desk.

2. [+307, -20] No wonder why people hate men.

3. [+220, -4] Seungri gives me goosebumps.

4. [+171, -5] Since 2009, clubs bribed the police and used drugs to rape women. There were 3 police who refused to take the bribe and two of them were policewomen. At this rate, every man deserves to be treated as a potential criminal ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+154, -2] Seungri has a sister, too. Does he not realize that his sister could fall into a similar situation? Goosebumps, fucking criminal. Of course you can't fix a person. He changed his image so much as a businessman but he's a criminal.

6. [+129, -3] Burning Sun's clarifications are a lie. Go on Instagram and read it.

(In the video revealed by Burning Sun, the woman is wearing black stockings but the CCTV footage shows a woman with bare legs)


Pann: YG needs to get a serious slap

1. [+183, -13] If you don't want your bias to be dragged into this hate, you should really be asking for investigations into YG. It needs to come out of the surface so we can see who's guilty and who's innocent. That way, we won't have innocent artists getting hate for no reason. Stop trying to quiet down the whole issue.

2. [+176, -101] The drug scandals are only coming from Bigbang ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why should other artists be investigated for drug use?

3. [+84, -5] At this point, we should investigate all of Drug YG, Interpol Notice Soo Man, and Salvation Sect JYP.


Pann: Other celebrities who went to Seungri's club could all get investigated

1. [+267, -9] Is there a normal person in Bigbang except Taeyang? Taeyang only had one controversy, the ankle-tripping incident.

2. [+256, -3] Clubs usually have an account book but I'm sure they hid it already ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seungri's list is infamous. Seungri did say that service and entertainment costed a lot of money. He can't help it since he has to take care of his connections. He has to summon famous people and idols to advertise the club. Looking at Seungri's account is enough to know Seungri's connections.

3. [+237, -1] I thought I was watching a real life version of Veteran.

4. [+88, -1] Of all club owners, you can never find a clean one.

5. [+72, -0] What's scary is that his image from the broadcast was a successful businessman but this is how he ends up, so funny.

6. [+68, -0] Han Seo Hee's post on YG is resurfacing.

"You know how many YG scandals that I've hid, right? I'm so nice. I had journalists begging me to reveal them but I refused because I was scared. I should've just revealed them. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Why do you think I went to YG on that day? You know why, right?"


Pann: Reflecting back on Bigbang's controversies and scandals

1. [+602, -24] I was speechless when they released Flower Road... They released a song at the time of TOP's scandal. The title 'Flower Road' is also shameless ㅋㅋㅋㅋ People in this country are also hopeless for buying their music.

2. [+482, -27] I don't care about blinded fans but the public should stop listening to Bigbang's music.

3. [+422, -23] This is why I don't listen to Bigbang.

4. [+210, -5] Yet they're always like "Bigbang is an artist"... So you can be praised as an artist despite your crimes as long as the music is good ㅋㅋㅋ Other idols get insulted and criticized every time but Bigbang's stupid "swag" and "coolness" give them a pass.

5. [+180, -10] What I hate the most is how their fans act like Bigbang is an all-time wall legendary artist. Why do they criticize YG all the time? YG media-played so much to bluff Bigbang's career ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+140, -3] I became a fan by Seungri's solo Strong Baby and I liked them in all my middle school and high school years. I went to Bigbang's concert on Dec 31, 2017 and TOP was absent because of his drug scandal ㅋㅋ Other members mentioned TOP and were like, "You'll wait for us, right?" and they played a video of TOP and left out TOP's parts. They were supporting the criminal so much. It made me lose all the interest that I left the fandom. I liked them for years but I couldn't understand what they were doing.

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