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Revenues/profits, worker salaries, and worker status of SM, YG, JYP, and Big Hit in 2018

Revenues & profits in 2018

Workers' average annual salaries in 2018

Numbers of workers in 2018
SM: 431 workers
YG; 360 workers
JYP: 215 workers
Big Hit: 138 workers

Rates of resignation in 2018

YG: 138 workers (38%)
SM: 126 workers (29%) + new 166 workers (39%)
JYP: 38 workers (18%)
Big Hit: 24 workers (17%)

Source: Choson


Instiz: Of SM, YG, JYP, and Big Hit, YG has the highest resignation rates in 2018

- There are certain SM workers that need to resign

- Yeah... YG... I know an unnie who left YG and she even saw a therapist after

- Can JYP do something about their workers? Things like DAY6 fansign are an enough problem

- There's only person in YG who needs to resign

- SM should do something about sticking to their old workers

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