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Youtube to implement unskippable ads

Pann: You have to watch Youtube ads until the end now

1. [+253, -3] They're doing all sorts of craps to sell Youtube Red, fuck.

2. [+212, -5] They say it's an option, so I assume the creator can choose to put unskippable ads. If my favorite creator does it, I would like them less.

3. [+155, -0] After the update, there are so many inconvenient things. I also hate how I can't go back.

4. [+62, -0] I guess Red isn't selling well?

5. [+43, -0] Naver ads are long and laggy, that's why I don't watch videos on Naver. And now Youtube...

6. [+34, -0] It's time for a generation change. I hope someone makes a new platform.

7. [+34, -0] Wow. They even play two ads now so it's even annoying to skip ads two times. Fuck.

8. [+34, -0] It makes me like them less. I'll never use Youtube Red. No, I won't use Youtube.

9. [+28, -1] I never watch forced ads. I mute the sounds and stare out the window to let my eyes rest while the ad is playing ㅋㅋ I also don't buy the products and services in those ads. When I need something, I filter out the advertised products.

10. [+28, -0] What the fuck is this.

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