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Red Velvet's stages are bad for a big company?

Pann: Red Velvet's stages are really bad for a big company

1. [+216, -35] Bad choreography + the members can't dance

2. [+206, -17] Seeing this, the choreo seems bad and the members also can't seem to dance. Irene is a dancer in Red Velvet but... Anyways, a lot of their title track choreos are weird. There's no fun in watching Red Velvet's stages.

3. [+185, -19] Some of the members can't dance at all.

4. [+119, -3] I liked Bad Boy... I think the members just can't pull of the choreos. Except for Seulgi, all of them seem to be bad dancers.

5. [+83, -26] The members have short arms and short legs, so their dance looks weird.

6. [+78, -4] Red Velvet has the worst choreos of all famous girl groups.

7. [+71, -2] Their dance is indeed a bit weird...

8. [+71, -1] 7/7 was legendarily terrible... SM needs to fire the choreographer.

9. [+59, -1] Joy is too tall compared to other members and it ruins the balance. It's like having a Nine Muses members in Crayon Pop. Also, the choreos are bad and the members can't dance. But their songs are so catchy. I still listen to Rookie Rookie.

10. [+52, -1] They can't really dance except Seulgi. At least Irene seems decent. Joy stands out because she's tall. Wendy had never danced until she joined SM. Yeri was a trainee for a long time but she's so-so.

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