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Broadcast staff comments on various idols' personalities including Irene

(This was posted on a verified Naver cafe)

BTS Rap Monster - He greets well and he's well-mannered. He's smart and is a qualified leader. It was after BTS went to the billboard but he still bowed 90 degrees to every staff.

BTS J Hope - One of the two most well-mannered ones in BTS with Rap Monster.

BTS Jimin - He always wears the mic in a wrong way and complains that it doesn't work. He seems cute.

BTS V - He's just really handsome.

Jay Park - He's a huge celebrity but he takes greetings nicely and gives autographs.

Twice - The nicest group. Tzuyu, Sana, and Momo are especially nice. Sana is the one who starts conversations. She remembers what we've talked about before and mentions it. (eg. Oppa, you did this on the other day, right?) Tzuyu and Jihyo are the prettiest.

Cha Eunwoo - The friendliest male. Whether it's a woman or a man, he comes first and greets. One day, I was taking a selfie and Cha Eunwoo poked his head into the frame and asked to take a selfie with him.

Most rookie groups are nice, and (G)-IDLE is very nice.

(Answer to someone asking about Irene & Krystal) - Irene puts the least effort into things. No comment on Krystal since she hasn't promoted for a while.


Pann: Broadcast staff talks about idols' personalities

1. [+310, -3] Weekly Idol staff also seemed to be flustered with Irene. She didn't write down anything on her profile so the staff wrote it for her and aired it ㅋㅋ I understand why they were pissed. Every idol has to fill it out to appear on Weekly Idol and Irene was the first one who didn't. The broadcast business is seriously tough and underpaid. Imagine how the staff felt as they were searching on the Internet to fill out Irene's profile. Are they serving a master? Why is she putting her work on the staff? There's a difference between writing down your profile yourself and others doing it for you. That's why the staff asks the idols to fill it out. That self-profile is half of the Weekly Idol show's component. More experienced idols have no problem with filling it out, too. She should quit being on the broadcast, then.

2. [+291, -1] It's not a rumor and there's a proof, too. Irene acts rude to the staff, there's this Weekly Idol controversy, she doesn't dance properly... She's really something. Were her fans hiding her true personality all along or did she become arrogant?

3. [+198, -21] Wow, the reviews for Twice are always the same. The celebrities who greet every staff are only Park Bogum, Yoo Jae Suk, and Twice. A PD said he only wanted to cast idols like Twice. Journalists at a showcase said Twice was the only idols who helped the staff with stacking the chairs.

4. [+117, -9] Rap Monster has a really good personality. I don't know much about celebrities but due to my job, I run into celebrities sometimes... I've never seen him but he still greeted me and his attitude was well-mannered and polite. I found out that he was a celebrity when he got surrounded by people asking for autographs. He gave autographs to every one of them and thanked them when they told him they were fans. He was nice and polite. I was surprised because I've never seen a young celebrity being so polite like that.

5. [+171, -1] Staffs' comments on Irene are all the same ㅋㅋㅋㅋ "Puts no effort." "Slacks off."

6. [+145, -1] Cold-beauty, my ass. She's just rude and slacking off.

7. [+128, -2] I'm a member of the Naver cafe and that cafe is for fashion and foreign brand purchases. It's not like Pann where idol fans fight and do politics. I read the original post and the OP posted proofs.

8. [+124, -2] There's a reason why Twice and BTS last for a long time even though they have a lot of hateful posts.

9. [+103, -6] So cute to think about Jimin poking around his mic and going, "Huh? This doesn't work~~~"

10. [+92, -1] I hope their bubble bursts with this. She has no talent as a singer and she got her popularity solely by her face but that's how she behaves. Makes me lost all the interest.

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