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Red Velvet members hint that Yeri is SM's princess?

Irene thinks I'm a pretty daughter. To me, Irene is a smart unnie.
Seulgi thinks I'm the sexiest. To me, Seulgi is a cute, innocent pro.
Wendy thinks I'm a boyfriend. To me, Wendy is a cute, talented squirrel.
Yeri thinks I'm a weird unnie. To me, Yeri is a scary dongsaeng.

Q) Is there a member who has a concept&image you want to have?
A) Yeri because I envy that she can say whatever she wants and no one can stop her.

Irene thinks I'm a from-abroad member. To me, Irene is a leader unnie.
Seulgi thinks I'm a same-age friend. To me, Seulgi is a same-age friend <3
Joy thinks I'm her most favorite unnie. To me, Joy is an honest dongsaeng <3
Yeri thinks I'm a sometimes-too-much unnie. To me, Yeri is a free spirit.

Irene thinks I'm a poop dog. To me, Irene is a charismatic unnie.
Wendy thinks I'm a pillar. To me, Wendy is a friend that makes me comfortable.
Joy thinks I'm a cool unnie. To me, Joy is a cute little chick.
Yeri thinks I'm just an unnie. To me, Yeri is "my way".


Pann: Yer is indeed SM's princess according to the members

1. [+893, -17] Shouldn't SM's princess be someone like Yoona? Untalented idols like her can also be treated as a princess? I don't understand why they spoil her like that when she has zero talent.

2. [+793, -15] That's why she's so arrogant, doesn't bother to practice, and only works on expanding her network... It's so obvious that her company has been treating her as a princess.

3. [+743, -8] I'm sure the unnies gave her advice but she didn't bother to listen to them ㅋㅋ Don't blame the other members for her lack of talent.

4. [+511, -3] Irene and Yeri are the problem. I feel bad for Joy, Wendy, and Seulgi, especially Wendy ㅠㅠ She tries to work so hard in the middle... And Yeri makes a cold face and jokes that Wendy is too much. I'm sure Wendy will remember that. She even wrote herself as "too-much unnie" to Yeri.

5. [+485, -3] I'm an all-fan of Red Velvet and Irene was my bias. To guess the things, Irene and Yeri are on their own and Seulgi/Wendy/Joy seem to be close. I don't want to blame Yeri but she seems to be the seed of all this conflict. During their debut days, Irene and Joy were close enough to be called Joyrene and four of them were very close. After Yeri joined the group, they were fine during Ice Cream Cake and Dumb Dumb. But after that, they seemed to have parted away. So Yeri started to get closer to other idols and practiced less... I'm sure she got into a conflict with either Wendy or Seulgi because of this. Irene tried to take care of Yeri since she's young and new and it made her more biased. Honestly, Irene wasn't rude from the start. The members even called her mom... I'm sorry but Yeri seemed to have ruined the group's atmosphere, Irene became more tired, and Yeri and other members drifted away more and more, and Irene gave up once it got out of her control. And since she's the only popular member in her group, she also lost her rookie mindset... Long-lasting groups like SNSD, Apink, and SHINee have members whose ages are similar but Red Velvet members' ages are too apart. Irene is a 91'er and Yeri is a 99'er. For Irene, the other members are all dongsaengs who are at least 3 years younger. I'm sure she doesn't have common interests with other members and doesn't match with them. It's the same for Yeri. The rest of the 3 members are nice and at a similar age, that's why they get along. The reason why Yeri can't act reckless to Irene compared to other unnies is because of Irene's age and because Irene's position in Red Velvet is the most important. It's not like Irene and Yeri are close, but Yeri doesn't cross the line to Irene and Irene just takes care of Yeri because she's much younger. I don't agree that both are close. Yeri would actually feel threatened to Irene because they're both visuals and Irene is much prettier. Anyways, this is my theory for their 1:1:3 split. From what I've seen, Irene is not a leader material. When it was 4 members, there was no need to manage the group because the members were all innocent. But Yeri joined the group and she's too stubborn and spoiled, so Irene seems to be unable to control. I think Irene got tired. So I think most conflicts came from Yeri. You can tell the difference between atmospheres from 4-member to 5-member. I don't think the group will last long unless they take time to talk about their honest feelings. As a fan from Happiness, I want them to make up.

6. [+452, -1] There's a strong meaning to "she can say whatever she wants".

7. [+357, -4] Honestly, I don't think they wrote that with a good intention. They must've wrote it while thinking about Yeri crossing the line ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even on the broadcast, you can see her acting rude and saying rude things. I can't imagine what it's like behind the camera.

8. [+343, -3] I can tell the members are not close. I've watched variety shows and the members are definitely divided as Irene, Yeri, Joy/Seulgi/Wendy. Yeri is just "my way", Wendy seems to be hurt by Irene or Yeri, and Joy & Seulgi seem to be neutral.

9. [+279, -0] "No one can stop her" sounds strange...

10. [+247, -3] I'm not trying to bash Yeri but is she a daughter of SM staff?

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