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[WORLD CUP] Belgium beats England, 2022 WC in Qatar, Son Heung Min's military service

Article: 'Hazard's winning goal' Belgium defeats England by 2-0 and finishes third, a successful ending

Source: My Daily via Naver

1. [+3571, -94] The match felt like a match between friends...

2. [+3015, -53] England got lucky with the schedule of the tournament.

3. [+2562, -67] Belgium's defeat by France was so unfortunate...

4. [+2412, -79] Hazard is so good

5. [+1703, -57] Look at the English players marching in a line like a train ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+485, -14] The worst goaler in the history of World Cup, Harry Kane

7. [+295, -10] How many times did they kill De Bryune's passes?

8. [+280, -65] Jang Geun Suk was fine filming a drama just a few months ago but he became bipolar when he decided to serve at the age of 32.

9. [+209, -6] Even if England managed to advance into the final, they would've gotten slayed by France.

10. [+196, -9] Look at these English jerks half-assing their game. If they were Korean players, they would've gotten showered by online comments.

11. [+179, -9] Belgium is really good

12. [+175, -8] Conclusion of the match: England was all about getting lucky with the schedule of the tournament. How did they even advance into semi-finals?

13. [+169, -17] This match was so boring. Do you agree, Geun Suk hyung?

Article: [Official announcement] FIFA to hold 2022 Qatar World Cup on November 21... First time in history

Source: SpoTV via Naver

1. [+6832, -223] Do they have to hold World Cup in a country like that?

2. [+5432, -158] What about the Leagues... The players won't be in a good condition.

3. [+3963, -113] What about the schedule of the Leagues?

4. [+3539, -553] What? This is the same as writing college entrance exams in March.

5. [+2560, -111] Then the major players in big European clubs won't participate. What about the Leagues...

6. [+319, -23] They were saying that they were going to install ACs and all that stuff in the stadium to hold World Cup in Qatar. What do they mean by November ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+192, -14] I don't know how much Qatar paid for this but I seriously don't understand why they decided to hold World Cup in a hot country that never even participated in World Cup before...

8. [+170, -43] Jang Geun Suk needs to enlist!

Article: Son Heung Min aims for AG gold medal, is the current system of military exemption OK?

Source: Oh My News via Naver

1. [+3099, -178] The military service is blocking his career when he's at the age to be at his peak... On the other hand, someone had no problem with filming a drama just a few months ago but he became bipolar when he decided to enlist and he's doing an alternate service at the age of 32.

2. [+2523, -391] The sports players need to be exempt for the days they spent to train as national players. It's their personal honor but I think it's fair for them to be exempt for the days they spent for the country.

3. [+2355, -137] Let him enlist at the age of 32 like Jang Geun Suk. Are you kidding me? Why should Son Heung Min be forced to serve in July, 2019? I don't care about celebrities getting away with it because it's their custom and for Son Heung Min, his service should also be delayed because he's a top soccer player that the entire country is focusing on.

4. [+1011, -110] The military service is blocking the players' careers! They're not even allowed to serve after they retire. It doesn't make sense that the players' nationality is their weakness.

5. [+188, -44] If there was no exemption in 2002, Park Jisung in ManU wouldn't exist.

6. [+185, -38] They need to strengthen the law for baseball players. There are only three countries in Asia that play baseball properly. It's so easy to get exempt by baseball.

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