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Are dating shows a bad influence in real life?

Article: 'Dating shows' shed a dark cloud on real life dating

Source: NoCut News via Naver

1. [+1316, -217] There are hopeless women who watch those shows and go, "That girl is a fox! What's with that guy? So and so should've became a thing instead! Daebak, so and so are rumored to be dating!"

2. [+432, -9] I don't watch them.

3. [+383, -4] I don't watch any of those three shows.

4. [+329, -3] Jjak used to be the most realistic dating show... There were many participants who had an average job. But nowadays, couple-matching programs only feature high-class people who have a high-paying job, drive a brand SUV, and are in chaebol categories. I don't watch them because it's their own league.

5. [+206, -7] Can they stop with these shows?

6. [+155, -47] It's better to be lonely than be painful from dating.

7. [+107, -1] It's nothing but a chance for celebrity wannabes. There must be a lot of idiots who fantasize from these shows. It's a cheap broadcast.

8. [+83, -4] On Heart Signal, the guy was a lawyer in his 30's and the girl was a student in her early-20's ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It was so unlikeable. Why do they feature a girl who doesn't even have a job? Don't mention sexism when we have settings like this. As a fellow woman, I feel embarrassed.

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