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EXO-L claims she was punched by security team 'Hwarangdan' at EXO concert

EXO fan's account
At the EXO concert on July 13, 2018, I asked one of the Hwarangdan guys where I was supposed to enter. Perhaps because of the hot weather, he murmured "ssibal" and started walking me towards the entrance. I then realized I left my lightstick in the locker so I said sorry and told him I was gonna go back. He asked me if I was crazy, grabbed my wrist, and then punched me in the heart hard. I got a heart surgery 4 months ago so I'm supposed to be careful about it. I was fine because I had my friend accompanying me but this happened when my friend was absent for a bit. He punched my left heart which is the surgery part and sinc then, I've been having very bad pains. My doctor had told me to never get hit in the surgery part and that I won't have to undergo a second surgery if I'm being careful. But now I lost the hopes. I'm not going to report this incident, please just apologize at least. And there are a lot of other fans who were hit by them, not just me. SM, please fire Hwarangdan or do proper security.

Proof 1: concert ticket & nickname

Surgery mark before getting punched

Surgery mark after getting punched

Proof 2 & 3: surgery record & picture


Pann: I accuse violence from the security team Hwarangdan at EXO concert

1. [+128, -3] The EXO fan didn't even do anything wrong... I'm so upset.

2. [+113, -2] I'm not a fan but all other fans should be publicizing this, not just EXO-Ls. They need to be criticized hard to realize this... And if SM doesn't say anything about it, they're total idiots and hopeless. This is inhuman. Did they become security guards to beat others up instead of doing their job? I'm so pissed.

3. [+106, -1] Joonmyun once said, "Shouldn't the security guards be protecting the fans as well?" They need to be well-mannered. We tried to be good at the concert but they ruined it. The job of the security is to hit fans who are hurt and swear at them?

4. [+29, -0] They're a security team, what do they think their job is? The OP didn't even do anything illegal, why did he hit her? And in the heart? I can't understand. Hitting for no reason should never be done. The security teams need to stop looking down on idol fans. This happened so many times.

5. [+25, -1] Why are they getting mad when fans ask for directions? Isn't that what they're supposed to do?

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