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Twice has been copying Girls' Generation's concepts?

White shirt & jeans


Night sky on the beach


Similar vibe dresses



Pann: Twice has been copying Girls' Generation

1. [+544, -47] They copied SNSD so many times but why do I feel like Twice's concepts are the same all the time? Is it because their songs and dances are similar?

2. [+493, -56] It's really the same, we should admit that ㅋㅋ It's true that they're inspired from SNSD's concepts.

3. [+352, -60] So funny ㅋㅋ T-roaches always bash SNSD, I wonder what they think of this?

4. [+195, -17] Now that I look at it like this, it really is similar. What's interesting is that SNSD's concepts always looked new but Twice's concepts look similar for some reason...

5. [+180, -12] The one difference is their singing talents.

6. [+135, -9] Outfits, lollipops, items, cheerleader, and many other things overlap, how can you deny that ㅋㅋ Do you really not find them similar?

7. [+131, -11] I can understand having similar concepts but SNSD's quality is much better. SNSD looks more modern and classy.

8. [+107, -17] They're copying SNSD's route. Honestly, they're not too different from SNSD. They became popular by a hit song and now they're gonna refer to everything SNSD did since they want to be a legend like SNSD.

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