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Ranking of Koreans' vacation cities for this summer

Article: "This summer, Osaka is a popular place for single & couple travelers, Da Nang is popular for families"

Source: Yeonhap via Naver

1. [+108, -3] Characteristic of Osaka - there are more Korean & Chinese people than Japanese people.

2. [+50, -1] On the Internet, there are many cheap travel packages to enjoy. I think it's good to use them to take a break from working hard.

3. [+24, -6] Why do politics and history matter when people just want to go to Japan ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Idiots

4. [+9, -0] Osaka is very hot in the summer

5. [+4, -0] Osaka and Da Nang aside, the lack of domestic travel resources is the biggest problem.

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