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Japanese media claims BTS' chart result is manipulated by Korean government?

Pann: Japanese articles claim BTS' chart result is manipulated by the Korean government

1. [+95, -0] They think Korea has power to control American charts as if we're the number one country... Like I said, Armys, any fan, or any artist should never use phrases like "national pick". It's dangerous and should never be used to mention celebrities. It's the best not to be associated with politics.

2. [+53, -0] Just ignore them. They claimed Kim Yuna and PSY's successes were also manipulated by the government.

3. [+35, -0] They hate it enough how K-pop and Korean idols do well in other countries, and now that we have a global artist, they have enough reasons to be jealous. The Japanese market is said to be the second biggest market but there's no Japanese artist that's as global as Korean artists. They might want to deny it but BTS also charted #1 in Japan. Is it also a manipulation? It's a foreign artist that was also #1 in their country. Americans will be baffled to hear claims of Billboard chart manipulations.

4. [+10, -0] I'm not a fan but I hope BTS does even better and become much more successful so that those Japanese kids will never be able to say anything like that again. I hope they'll see how Korean idols are much more talented than Japanese idols.

5. [+8, -0] Shouldn't we be upset together instead of calling it a troll post? It's just their jealousy.

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