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AOA's fanmeet is not selling well?

Pann: AOA's fanmeet is empty

(Entrance fee: $55)

1. [+75, -19] I wished their recent release would do well. What a pity.

2. [+73, -51] Isn't AOA supported by Megals?
(tn: Megalia is a malicious feminist community site)

3. [+72, -4] I think AOA was a public-friendly group when Choa was in the group. But their new song is targeting feminists and summer season. They barely managed to fill those seats by guesting on all variety shows and radios to promote the song.

4. [+48, -2] This is why dedicated female stans are important. Male stans usually switch to young and prettier idols.

5. [+42, -0] AOA never had a big fandom in the first place ㅋㅋ

6. [+40, -10] What are feminist unnies doing? Digital sales aren't really a source of money ㅋㅋ

7. [+34, -9] Twitter feminists bragged about supporting female idols but why are they not attending AOA's fanmeet? AOA will be insulted because of this... Their digital sales are decent because of the public, not them.

8. [+29, -24] Truth of Megals: They don't want to spend money and they're too lazy in real life. They should use the fanmeet as an excuse to go out.

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