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Sechskies fans release a statement & ask YG to remove Ko Jiyong from profile (+ updated)

'Sechskies' former member Ko Jiyong's company is using 'Sechskies' brand without permission. For the following reasons, we ask YG to remove Ko Jiyong from 'Sechskies' profile.

1) His insulting actions of using Sechskies fans for his company events

A close associate of Ko Jiyong asked the biggest fandom community to participate in his company events by attending the events, promoting on SNS, and financially supporting them. 1000 fans attended one of the events and gave $1000, but the fans were told to act like normal participants at the event. The associate insulted the fans numerous times, and Ko Jiyong didn't bother to stop him when he was right beside the associate. Ko Jiyong asked for a group photo, and the fans were explained as normal participants for promoting the company event.

2) Using 'Sechskies' brand and fandom for getting investors

After the episode of 'Infinity Challenge', there was a poll that asked how long the effect of 'Sechskies' would last, which was revealed to be posted by Ko Jiyong's company. After that, his company released advertisements looking for investors and they said, "director Ko Jiyong's Sechskies power is predicted to last long, and his continuous communication with the members will affect the business positively." Ko Jiyong was also introduced to be "from Sechskies that holds a strength of a strong fandom", which shows that he is willing to use the fandom for his business. In the Infinity Challenge episode, his drink was included as PPL and he promoted it as "co-production of Infinity Challenge Sechskies content". Even today, on his company profile, he's listed as "former member of Sechskies".

3) Viral marketing by using 'Sechskies' trademark

Ko Jiyong's company has been using 'Sechskies' hashtag to promote their products including baby products, child books, food, glasses, bracelets, clothes, and etc. On Ko Jiyong's personal Instagram, he has promotional posts and the products are exposed with 'Sechskies' hashtag by his associates, representatives, official accounts, and unknown accounts.

4) Viral marketing by the international fandom

Due to Ko Jiyong's actions, the fandom went through a lot of pain. Since June 2017, many fans asked the portal sites to change his profile, but Ko Jiyong responded by deleting the promotional posts.
Since then, his duplicate account has been promoting the parenting show he was on and his company's products to the Chinese fandom. The posts were spread on the Chinese social media with 'Sechskies' hashtag. In December 2017, Ko Jiyong's visit to China to expand his glasses business was done by a fanmeet-like event. Sechskies fans visited his store, got his autograph, and participated in his live online shopping to buy his products. Ko Jiyong's company plans for 2019 include 'expansion of digital/physical sales' and 'expansion into the Asian market with cosmetics' and we're worried that this viral marketing will be taken place in the Southeast fandom as well.

There isn't any other group that includes a former member on their profile, and no one uses their former group for their personal business. We ask YG to edit the profile to protect the trademark rights of 'Sechskies'

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Instiz: [Exclusive] Sechskies fans release a statement regarding to Ko Jiyong... Ask YG to remove him from the profile

- He left Sechskies because he didn't want his business to be interfered but he's on Superman and earning money off of Sechskies' name....

- Why is he doing that when he's not even promoting in the group?

- If fans turn their backs, there's a reason for it...

- I found it questionable that he was on Superman and not promoting in Sechskies...

- So it's happening... I feel bitter


Source: Nate

1. [+320, -5] Hul, he's using the fans for his company's profits...

2. [+301, -3] Wow... I'm speechless... Using fans is the worst thing.

3. [+251, -3] It would've been good if he went on his way without using the fans... What a pity.

4. [+57, -1] I knew it was weird when he flatly said on Infinity Challenge that he was a businessman but appeared on Superman right away. I hope YG makes a wise decision.

5. [+48, -1] Ko Jiyong is the sliest one. Using Sechskies and his son, he's on TV. If he felt pressured to be on TV, he would've refused everything and live as a businessman. He wants to earn money but doesn't want to be Sechskies anymore.


Article: YG responds to Sechskies fans' demand "We will remove Ko Jiyong from the profile" (official)

Source: Newsen via Nate

YG: "Their reunion has been 2 years already and the possibility of Ko Jiyong re-joining the group is low, so we will officially request all portal sites to edit the group's profile."

1. [+198, -2] You should've known the limits, Jiyong-ah.

2. [+163, -10] Yeah, stop appearing on Superman and I don't want to see the re-runs, either. His son is cute but Ko Jiyong's mindset is wrong.

3. [+119, -3] YG's quick feedback is nice.

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