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Fansite masters become a problem for airport security & more

Article: Fansite masters striding down the airport to take photos of celebrities are a problem

Source: Hankook Ilbo via Naver

(Article talks about how the fansite masters disturb the security in the airport to take photos of idols. They also cancel their flights on the day of purchase just to get through the check-in, getting a full refund. There's a law of 5-year sentence / $50,000 fine for such disturbance in the airport but it's barely practiced.)

1. [+1157, -15] They looked like idiots. I was having coffee and they were busy taking photos without considering the people... tsk tsk

2. [+947, -30] We need to adopt 3-strike rule. First strike - they get a warning. Second strike - they get fined. Third strike - temporary ban. If they continue getting strikes, the ban needs to be extended.

3. [+559, -13] They don't even know they're a nuisance and they cover themselves by saying "it's innocent fan love."

4. [+520, -10] On the 21st, they were taking photos at the luggage pickup. It's not a problem but the place was where the overweight luggage were. It's a very complicated place so the security kept telling the fans to not cross over but the fans got mad and fought back...

5. [+905, -579] The characteristic of those kids: they're all women

6. [+115, -1] If you act like that near the security examination in American airports, the security will knock you down, bend you arms, press your face with their knee, and shoot you with a taser gun. The problem is the lax law we have.

7. [+74, -1] This is when you need a blacklist. Those who cancel their flights frequently need to be blacklisted. When the national law can't solve it, the airline policies will work better. If they set a policy that says blacklisted customers can't cancel their flights on the day of the purchase, they have no choice but to obey.

8. [+65, -7] Look at their cameras, they're not innocent fans ㅠㅠ Those fan-taken photos bring them huge earnings... When they're not allowed to bring cameras, they bring them by wrapping the cameras with clothes. They're out of their mind and greedy for money. When the photos turn out bad, they release them for free and still get their names out there ㅋㅋ They're really going for money... They shouldn't call themselves "innocent fans". There needs to be a rule for sure.

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