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"Digital expenses" for young people?

Music streaming/download
- Melon/Bugs/Genie: $5.90~7.90 a month
- Apple Music: $7.99 a month

- Netflix: $9.50~14.50 a month
- Youtube Red: $7.90 a month

- Google: $24~119 a year (100GB~1TB)
- Naver Cloud: $50~100 a year (100GB~1TB)

- Ridibooks: $9~12 per book
- Publy: $15~18.50 per digital report

Smartphone apps
- Mobile games: $3~8.40 per app
- Premium apps for diet: $35~89 per app


Article: $50 a month for music and videos... 'Digital expense' is a must for 20/30s

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Naver

1. [+1509, -57] Of course you have to pay. You're using someone else's product.

2. [+714, -22] When I was young, I used to go around to search for MP3 & TXT files but now that I'm making money, it's easier to pay several dollars a month for subscriptions.

3. [+335, -18] I didn't understand why you would pay for music when Soribada was a thing.

4. [+256, -66] Is this an advertisement for Melon and Netflix?

5. [+91, -18] Why pay all that when all you need is Netflix?

6. [+54, -7] Listening to recent music makes my ears go rotten~ No lyrics, no emotions... The 1990~2010 era was the best.

7. [+45, -2] I never understand why people spend $1000 a month for Afreeca balloons. I guess it's their choice.

8. [+31, -5] There's no time to listen to music and no music to listen to.

9. [+23, -0] You don't need anything, you just need Youtube. Just go through the ads...

10. [+21, -0] Ever since I started to suffer financially, I stopped myself from spending money on these services. But it's a small cultural activity that brings joy to your life.

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