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Controversial figures: MoonMoon & Yang Yewon

Pann: How would MoonMoon and Yang Yewon feel right now?

1. [+403, -8] It's amazing that Lee Byung Hun hyung is promoting right now.

2. [+294, -3] If I were them, I'd want to kill myself... The entire country knows about them. One is for a hidden camera in a bathroom and another one is for being a nude model who lied about being sexually assaulted... I think both of them will change their names and disappear.

3. [+194, -0] Why the fuck would you film others peeing and pooping?

4. [+163, -6] They should date each other since one likes to film and another one likes to be filmed.

5. [+128, -1] Why would I care about a criminal who hides a camera in a bathroom?

6. [+78, -5] We have Nilo left...

7. [+77, -0] They both tried to cease down their issues but their actions backfired. They're seriously dumb.

8. [+73, -0] That's why Jo Min Ki committed suicide ㅋㅋㅋ I wish he died after getting the punishment.

9. [+71, -0] Yang Yewon hid her past, promoted as a Youtuber, and even uploaded a video of lies... I don't think her mentality is normal.

10. [+67, -0] Everybody will recognize MoonMoon's neck tattoo.

11. [+67, -0] The only solution is to emigrate.

12. [+40, -3] I hope MoonMoon and Yang Yewon get married.

13. [+40, -0] Yang Yewon is really daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I watched the video and I was really worried about her and thought all men were assholes, but it was all acting ㅋㅋㅋ Speechless.

14. [+35, -1] I knew she was acting because she was trying to cry since the start of the video but there wasn't a single tear coming out of her eyes... People were just sympathetic since she was acting like a victim. She did victim-cosplay to cover her past.

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