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'2018 Asia Model Awards' - the winners, Nana & Han Hye Jin

Popular Star Award (actors) - Park Jung Min, Nana
Popular Star Award (singers) - NU'EST W, GFriend
Asia Special Award - Tony An, NU'EST W, Yoon Hee Jung
Asia Star Award (model) - Han Hye Jin
Asia Star Award (singer) - BTOB
New Star Award (actors) - Jo Tae Kwan, Kim Min Kyu, Pyo Ye Jin, Han Bo Reum
New Star Award (singers) - UNB, Fromis 9
Fashionista Award - Jung Jinwoon, Kyungri
New Star Award (foreign singer) - Lime
Model Star Award - YITH MEAS AUSSA (Cambodia), GANKHUYAG OYUNGEREL (Mongolia), Aidana Medenova (Kazakhstan),MAI HI GIANG (Vietnam), Dennis Yin (Malaysia), Bonnie Loo (Singapore), KONG YAOZHU, KONG YANSONG (China), parry may Grace (Myanmar) SUPRIYA (India), Ms.MEISI NGER, AJIRAPA SABINA (Thailand), EMI SHABNAZ SADIA (Bangladesh), CLAUIA VIRCINIA (Indonesia), jossica yang (Philippines)
Korean Model Star Award - Sung Hoon
Rising Star Award - Lee Yi Kyung, Xu Jiaqi
International Cultural Exchange Achievement Award - fashion designer Rubina
Creators of the year - Bo Gyeom, Acau, Jae Neon

Article: Nana, 'elegant atmosphere goddess' (2018 Asia Model Awards)

Source: Seoul Economics via Nate

1. [+322, -50] Oh, it's been a while since her article doesn't start with 'most beautiful woman in the world' ㅋㅋ

2. [+301, -92] Female Lee Jong Suk

3. [+251, -112] Filter out plastic monsters

Article: Han Hye Jin, 'thank you for the Asia Star Award'

Source: MK Sports via Nate

1. [+304, -34] On the main page, her article is next to Cha Woo Chan's article. But Cha Woo Chan is looking sad after losing a game and Han Hye Jin is smiling after winning an award. It feels weird.

2. [+227, -19] Cha Woo Chan and Han Hye Jin dated briefly and broke up long time ago. Their articles are next to each other, too. Let's stop putting them together...

3. [+208, -16] Looking at the winners, I wonder what the qualifications for the awards are.

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