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Whereabouts of new members of After School & Crayon Pop Ellin

After School Gaeun
She self-taught DJ-ing and attended festivals as a DJ.
In 2017, she starred in a drama 'Idol Master'.
She's going to participate on 'Produce 48' as a trainee.

After School E-Young
She didn't have any promotions.
By her company's recommendation, she established a music academy in her hometown Gangwon-do and started E-Young Band.

Crayon Pop Ellin
She debuted as Afreeca BJ yesterday.


Instiz [1][2]: Whereabouts of 5-year hiatus group's new members, Crayon Pop member debuts as Afreeca BJ today

- Pledis needs to reflect, seriously

- It pissed me off so bad when they kept shoveling precious trainees into After School without proper promotions

- The company's recommendations? So they're not gonna promote After School anymore?

- I think E-Young was talented in playing instruments or something? So Pledis didn't promote her and set up an academy for her instead... It's bad and not bad...

- Is GO earning a lot?
-- He's #1 BJ
-- I read that he's earning $80,000~100,000 monthly

- A lot of celebrities are on Youtube and Internet broadcast these days

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