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Melon reps say they'll release a statement regarding to sajaegi issues

Article: Melon reps respond to digital sajaegi accusations, "We will release a statement after checking"

Source: Star Today via Nate

1. [+423, -5] I'm sure it's not just Nilo~

2. [+422, -6] Nilo... He shouldn't have made it so obvious. He tried too hard~

3. [+338, -4] Is this about Nilo? He killed his career by trying to have it easy.

4. [+45, -2] Dominating the 50's chart is something that even Michael Jackson can't do ㅋㅋ

5. [+38, -4] Why is Nilo's song on the chart when it's not even good.

6. [+35, -1] I haven't logged in on Melon for years. Recently, I logged in and found that there were 3 more accounts that I wasn't aware of. I called Melon and they told me the accounts were created by a company's i-pin but I didn't even have an i-pin and the company told me that they never gave me an i-pin. I wasn't charged anything so I just deleted the 3 accounts... I wondered if it was done by Chinese. I didn't get charged so I wondered why the 3 accounts were created... Was it because of this?

7. [+28, -2] Ask any ajussis and ajummas in their 50's on the street, "Do you know Pass By by Nilo?" They'll answer, "What? I'm busy!" "What's passing by?" "No." "The hell are you saying?" "Kid, I'm on my way to hiking, leave me alone." But Pass by Nilo was a miracle of charting #1 on 50's chart.

8. [+27, -1] Sajaegi problem aside, the Melon chart needs a reform.

9. [+27, -2] Honestly, Nilo stood out because he was so random. There were more questionable artists before this... I can't really name them directly but there used to be random songs on the chart. People just assumed the songs were good enough.

10. [+23, -21] Seeing this, the SM kids are indeed clean. SuJu, BoA, and TVXQ had comebacks recently and they didn't do well on the Melon chart. It's better than doing a sajaegi.

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