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Twice's comeback 'What is Love?' charts #1

Article: Twice 'What is Love?', first #1 girl group on Melon chart since the reform

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+735, -65] As expected...

2. [+663, -59] Twice What is Love, congrats on charting #1~ <3

3. [+605, -58] Twice kids, let's all-kill with What is Love <333

4. [+559, -47] As expected of Twice <3

5. [+525, -43] Wow amazing <33


Article: "Continuous 8th success" Twice 'What is Love?' charts #1

Source: Sports Choson via Nate

1. [+140, -14] These days, you have to wait to see the result of idol songs. Momoland's Bboom Bboom is getting so much hate for plagiarizing but its digital sales are daebak.

2. [+124, -8] I heard the song was produced by Park Jin Young... The style seems to be very different~

3. [+117, -71] Jin Young hyung, stop producing Twice's songs!! It only makes you look like you're trying to sell your own songs by using Twice's popularity.

4. [+45, -37] They can't catch up on SNSD though

5. [+28, -31] For the third generation of girl groups, Twice is the only top group with no rivals... Below that, there are Blackpink, Red Velvet, GFriend, and etc.

Article: Nayeon, 'short shorts and fishnet stockings'

Source: My Daily via Nate

1. [+709, -35] JYP needs to change their coordis.

2. [+687, -25] It looks like a net.

3. [+429, -75] I want to go night fishing with her. Since she has the net, I just need to bring a pot to boil spicy fish soup.

4. [+38, -24] I think Twice's peak was Cheer Up. Heart Shaker was also really good. Why do I feel like Twice is starting to decline...

5. [+37, -14] Honestly, Twice is just a dance group, not a singer group.

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