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Suzy says she records conversations when she drinks with her friends

Article: Suzy "I turn on the recorder when I drink"

Source: TV Report via Nate

"When I drink with my friends, I turn on the recorder and interview my friends. When they listen to the recordings later, they get surprised because they say things and words that they weren't even aware of. They even forget that they said such things."

1. [+1768, -279] She can't even talk properly when she's sober though.

2. [+1336, -181] I understand Suzy doing that since she doesn't speak well on the broadcast. It could be even more dangerous when she's drunk.

3. [+1141, -146] It must be her method of being careful since she could make a mistake ㅠ

4. [+100, -17] Suzy is pretty but why is her mouth always hung open like that...

5. [+96, -22] Suzy is the type that tries to be careful with her words at official events and beats about the bush and ends up not getting to the point.

6. [+86, -17] Her pretty looks aside, there's too much media-play of her ㅋㅋ Media-played beauty.

7. [+77, -12] Maybe she says "sibal" and "jot" frequently...

8. [+75, -7] Hul... she must be a big nuisance to other people then. They come to drink and have fun but they can't talk freely since she's recording them. It's not like she's only recording herself. That's so thoughtless of her.

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