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Fans re-congratulate NU'EST W's first win after Kang Dongho's case is cleared

Pann: Please congratulate on NU'EST W's first win!

1. [+192, -4] I scrolled down without thinking anything but it's so heartbreaking. I hope they do well. Hwaiting.

2. [+179, -4] I couldn't sleep and saw this post. Congratulations, cheering for you ㅎㅎ Loves, please protect them well so that a lot of people can enjoy NU'EST's music and buy their albums~ They're a very likeable group.

3. [+162, -2] Big congratulations

4. [+92, -1] If you watch the encore video, the staff watches the members crying and says "wow, they got here by their own power" "exactly". It's really daebak. The staff could've been watching them on music shows since pre-Produce. It was so touching...

5. [+69, -1] The members couldn't believe it ㅠㅠ

6. [+65, -1] NU'EST W's comeback was on October 10 and the articles of the sexual harassment were out on October 12. They won #1 on M Countdown on October 19 but they got so much hate for the articles that didn't even happen. Some non-fans still congratulated winning #1, I really thank them. It was their first #1 after 6 years of debut but we got bashed instead. We were told to focus on the promotions and that we robbed an empty house. We were happy but sad at the same time.

7. [+55, -0] Loves couldn't be happy with their first #1. Congratulations, I'll cheer for them.

8. [+47, -0] The #1 seems so precious for them. I'm not a fan but it made me tear up. NU'EST is likeable for some reason, maybe because I'm a Wannable. Congratulations and their song is really good. I think that's If You or Where You At but I liked both songs. I personally really like Daybreak and Hello. I hope they get all the congratulations they didn't get at that time.

9. [+44, -0] They were asked how they felt when they won #1 and Jonghyun said his heart hurt so much... It was more telling than saying "I was happy".

10. [+39, -0] Eunkwang was so happy ㅋㅋ So likeable how BTOB congratulated them wholeheartedly. They must be really close. I like BTOB and NU'EST's friendship~

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