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♫ Still Alive - Bigbang ♫

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well! It's been almost a month since I haven't updated. I got some concerning emails about it and I thought it'd be nice to chat about my / your whereabouts (?)

Regarding to the lack of updates, I did get pretty busy with life and my mental health has taken a toll on blogging as well. I just really want to say this - Do take care of your mental health! If you're tired mentally and feel burned out, take a break from things. It's so important I can't stop stressing it.

Also, I'm picky with my posts. I mean VERY VERY picky. My blog isn't some serious media source but at the same time, I always try to avoid translating stuff that was redundant, repetitive, or non-informative. I'd rather not post at all than translating Pann/Instiz posts that have no point, if that makes sense? That was always my motto.

But it looks like I can spare a lot of time from now on and my mental health is clearing up a lot with my self-treatments. I do hope / will come back with a lot of updates. I will lax my pickiness and try to post more. Requests are welcome.

Feel free to comment anything, I want to hear from you guys. I've been out of the entertainment news a lot so I'd also appreciate song/artist recommendations! Or any good shows to watch! I wonder if those who were here since the early days of 'Abnormal Summit' are still here. Speaking of the show, their promise to come back in March didn't happen, which I very much expected. Nowadays 'I Live Alone' is my favorite show, I recommend it to all k-variety fans.

Oh, and from one of the emails I got, I was asked about my previous comment on my PRK surgery and my recovery. Yes, the surgery has been a while and I've recovered well. Thank you for asking, kind stranger <3 If you're considering LASIK or PRK, feel free to ask me about it.

The season is finally changing, so hopefully the sunlight (screw these sun-less winters ughhhh) will make it better for me and everyone else. So yeah, I'm still alive as the title indicates. Let's get back in touch! Or welcome if you're new (how did you come across my blog when I haven't updated much?? haha)

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