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Another #Metoo confession points to an idol

Article: Metoo, idol is also involved? A accused of sexual harassment

Source: TV Report via Nate

(The OP claimed that when she was in grade 6~7, she was called by the idol to have a talk. He locked her into a bathroom and sexually harassed her with actions like licking her ears. He threatened her that if she screamed or tried to leave, he was going to spread the story. He later threatened her on messenger to send him nude pictures, which she did. She begged him not to spread the story. In high school, she heard that A was going to debut as an idol. She was relieved because even if he still had the pictures, he couldn't do anything about them.)

1. [+365, -15] Idol band member CH.J.H. I don't know how he was after debut but when he was a trainee, he discriminated fans by their looks.

2. [+313, -26] (Pann link)

3. [+255, -12] His company needs to shut down

4. [+99, -8] Not just Choi XX, but his group is full of perverts. Lee Hongki went to Yangyoung Middle School and he slept with a girl on a school trip, although rumors say it was a rape. Because of that, the school got rid of school trips. And didn't Yoolhee marry one of the members because it was a shotgun wedding? This group is just a pervert, delinquent group.

5. [+82, -1] FT Island Choi Jonghoon


Pann: I'm taking down this post

(Thanks to everyone who comforted me. The reason why I couldn't reveal his name was because I'm still not confident enough. I have no proofs but I know some friends who were in the same situation as me. Other Metoo assaulters denied their fault first but the fact that there are more victims coming out is an enough proof. My story is from 17 years ago, how can I have any proof? And back then, it was possible to send pictures on BuddyBuddy messenger like Kakaotalk. I'm taking down the post. It's meaningless since there are screencaps out there but I don't want anything else. I just want an apology.)

1. [+234, -5] FT Island CH.J.H?

2. [+188, -4] OP, thank you for your courage. I hope more people become brave. It's time to let it out... It's not your fault.

3. [+170, -17] Honestly, don't the two FT Island member look like delinquents? One has really dirty rumors. There's no smoke without fire.

4. [+41, -1] I went to a middle school that's right next to CH.J.H's school and he was already an infamous delinquent.

5. [+34, -0] Choi J.Hoon's BuddyBuddy username was 'Hard Cock'

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