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Eyelash extensions are harmful for your eyes?

Article: "Looking pretty might make you sick"... 'Eyelash extensions' are harmful for your eye health

Source: Seoul Economics via Naver

1. [+628, -87] I know but I still want to get them done~

2. [+638, -117] Those who got eyelash extensions done don't look pretty at all. They look like they have fans on their eyes.

3. [+442, -24] It's sad to see so many negative comments since I understand the willingness to be pretty. But before that, you should take care of your health first.

4. [+425, -118] This is a country of lookism, of course you have to get them done.

5. [+351, -89] I can't quit eyelash extensions, though ㅠㅠ

6. [+86, -9] If you get eyelash extensions, your existing eyelashes will fall off too.

7. [+79, -10] It looks gross if you have small eyes and a whole bunch of eyelashes. Eyelash extensions don't look that good on big eyes, either. Overdoing anything never ends up well.

8. [+70, -5] If someone is bare-faced and they have clear eyes, it's either they have pretty eyes or they've gotten permanent eyeliner or eyelash extensions done.

9. [+44, -0] It's good to look pretty but remember the idiom "if the body costs 1000, the eyes are worth of 900"... You have to take care of your eyes.

10. [+121, -78] Just live how you were born with

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