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51% university students say they'd go to prison for a year for $1 million

Article: Bitter situation... 51% university students, "I will go to prison for $1 million"

Source: Newsis via Nate

1. [+1098, -16] The result is 51% because they're university students. If they asked this to people working at a poor company, the result will be more than 80%.

2. [+871, -17] The prison looks better than a goshiwon. If you have to prepare for a big exam, it's not a bad place.

3. [+755, -11] This makes your annual salary $1 million, why wouldn't you go? Since the average annual salary of young adults is $25000, you have to ask if they'd go to prison for that money instead. The question itself is flawed.

4. [+26, -0] Imagine earning $5000 per month and saving $3000. You're saving $36000 per year so it'll take 30 years to save $1 million... Going to prison for sure.

5. [+25, -2] It's a good deal... Life is tough

6. [+19, -1] I'd go for $0.5 million, too.

7. [+18, -1] $1 million for a year, definitely going.

8. [+16, -1] Are the 49% students empty in the head or have they never worked? I'd even go for $0.3 million.

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