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Trainees that are going to be in JYP's new survival / girl group

01'er Shin Ryujin
#1 female trainee on MIX9

02'er Shin Eunsoo
Currently an actress
Mediocre dancing/singing, visual member

01'er Lee Chaeryung
Dancer, stable live

02'er Lily (Korean/Australian)
Top 4 on K-pop Star
Possibly main vocal, lacks dancing skills

00'er Hwang Yeji
Dancer, 170cm tall

00'er Choi Jisoo

03'er Shin Yuna
Maknae visual member

01'er Jeon Somi (Korean/Canadian/Dutch)
Multi-talented, 3 years since debut, possibly the center

Two female teams were revealed on last year's Survival. It was 7 members total but 4 trainees have left so far. The Survival will take place around October. Their debut is confirmed to be next year.

IR revealed by JYP in March
Somi - center, lead vocal, lead dancer, lead rapper
Ryujin - main rapper, lead dancer, sub vocal
Yeji - main dance, sub vocal, leader
Lily - main vocal
Chaeryung - main dancer, sub vocal
Yuna - visual, sub vocal
Eunsoo - visual, sub vocal
Jisoo - main vocal/lead vocal


Pann: Predicted members of JYP and Somi that are debuting next year

1. [+149, -32] I like how there's no Japanese member. They must be really talented. Their visuals are good, too.

2. [+123, -12] I love seeing so many Korean members ㅠㅠ

3. [+115, -11] Yay, let's keep these members without adding a Japanese member. I'll stan Somi and Ryujin.

4. [+45, -5] Let's continue this without a Japanese member.

5. [+43, -13] I heard from an entertainment journalist that when foreign idols from big companies get popular and rich, they become really arrogant regardless of the gender ㅋㅋㅋㅋ When they're more popular than the Korean members, the Korean members can't stand against them ㅋㅋ Made me lose all my interest in them.

6. [+40, -0] Somi looks so majestic at the end ㅋㅋ

7. [+38, -10] The foreign kids in Twice have hopeless talents... It's better to have less foreign members.

8. [+35, -15] I like how they're only Korean nationals like Red Velvet.

9. [+34, -3] Instead of cute/overcrowded concepts like Twice, I want them to be 5~6 members and do a classy concept like Blackpink and Red Velvet's Pikaboo. Or is it impossible because it's JYP?

10. [+34, -11] I also want Somi to be the center.

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