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Variety shows in 2017

KBS will not hold 2017 Entertainment Awards due to the ongoing strike

Popularity of long-lasting variety shows
MBC: Infinity Challenge, Radio Star, I Live Alone
SBS: My Ugly Duckling, Law of the Jungle

Variety talents of the year: Kim Saeng Min, Lee Sang Min, Woo Hyo Kwang

TVN (Na PD) vs. JTBC
TVN: Three Meals a Day, New Journey to the West, Youn's Kitchen, etc.
JTBC: Knowing Brothers, Let's Eat Dinner Together, Hyori's Homestay, etc.

Flopped shows on public channels: Secretly Greatly, Oppa Thinking, Guesthouse Daughters
Flopped 'Produce 101' shows: Idol School, MIX9


Article: [2017 year-end show evaluation] 'I Live Alone', 'My Ugly Duckling', Na Young Suk, Kim Saeng Min leading the variety scene

Source: MK sports via Naver

1. [+1117, -70] I Live Alone was the best.

2. [+757, -98] Kian84 worked so hard.

3. [+515, -44] I hope Infinity Challenge, Radio Star, and I Live Alone would last long!

4. [+503, -92] Kim Saeng Min is so funny and his hard-work shined this year! Keep going!

5. [+151, -45] I Live Alone was too daebak. I hope they win MBC's daesang.

6. [+111, -24] Honestly, MBC has the best variety shows and they pioneer new genres. They were always the first to try something.

7. [+97, -18] Not Ugly Duckling~

8. [+130, -53] Infinity Challenge doesn't deserve any award this year.

9. [+75, -20] Infinity Challenge, I Live Alone, Kang's Kitchen, New Journey to the West, and Youn's Kitchen are fun!!

10. [+70, -17] Not Lee Sang Min

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