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Joy's continuous cast in dramas

Pann: Joy is [taking another lead role] after ruining The Liar and His Lover

1. [+742, -40] "It was her first acting experience, it wasn't that bad!!!" Why should the public be watching her growth as an actor?

2. [+689, -34] I'm not an anti but the agency power is so gross. I really hate how she's taking other rookie actresses' chances... It would've been better if she started from a small role.

3. [+547, -44] I like Woo Dohwan but I'll skip his drama if Joy is the female lead.

4. [+238, -31] SM gives erotic outfits to Joy, puts her on variety shows, hires people to manipulate Pann comments which they've never done before, and puts her on dramas. They're trying to make Joy like Suzy but I'm not sure if it'll work out.

5. [+184, -40] She really doesn't have a face for acting...

6. [+150, -5] Joy can sing and she's pretty but why is she trying acting and getting unnecessary hate ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's not even a small role, either. Why should the viewers watch her acting improvement?

7. [+143, -18] It wouldn't have been a problem if she started from a small role. It's not like her popularity is Suzy-level, either. How can she take a lead role on a public channel?

8. [+114, -2] I guess SM decided to be unlikeable forever. How stupid of them.

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