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Twice's 'Likey' comeback is disappointing?

Pann: I don't like Twice's new song

1. [+343, -45] How many times are they doing this "I like you but I can't tell you so you have to approach me first" concept? Three times? Four times?

2. [+212, -26] Why can't we say the song is bad?

3. [+185, -8] It's a personal preference. I understand that some might not like the song.

4. [+102, -8] It's because their concepts and songs are all similar... Honestly, they have big popularity and a stable fandom so they could try new things. Why are they always shy girls who are passively waiting for men to approach them? This is the fault of the company, not the singers.

5. [+81, -2] Their debut song was the best. I like all of their songs except Signal but I want to see something like Like Ooh Ahh again.

6. [+71, -7] Third generation idols are not comparable to second generation idols. Second generation idols like SNSD, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1 had refreshing comebacks but third generation idols are always stuck on doing the same thing. They need to keep changing their colors but they can't seem to do that.

7. [+70, -5] You need to differentiate when a song itself is good and when a song is catchy and makes it seem like a good song. Honestly, Twice has always been aiming for catchy songs.

8. [+68, -4] Honestly, the concept is so similar to their previous releases... It's getting boring. I want something new.

9. [+62, -5] It's so unoriginal. Even their lyrics are always similar. They're only thinking of making a trendy dance.

10. [+54, -20] Unlike Twice's rank, Red Velvet, Black Pink, and Mamamoo have the best music quality.

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