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Three most streamed/downloaded songs on Melon & Genie in 2016

Most streamed songs on Melon
Monster - EXO (190,898,389)
Cheer Up - Twice (160,702,950)
Making a New Ending for This Story - Han Dong Geun (116,197,576)

Most downloaded songs on Melon
Cheer Up - Twice (1,077,033)
This Love - Davichi (972,760)
I Don't Love You - Urban Zakapa (944,517)

Most streamed songs on Genie
Monster - EXO (36,688,492)
Cheer Up - Twice (33,357,052)
Lotto - EXO (2,361,914)

Most downloaded songs on Genie
Cheer Up - Twice (226,331)
I Don't Love You - Urban Zakapa (199,442)
This Love - Davichi (178,412)


Pann: Article of Melon/Genie results in 2016

1. [+313, -9] Just how big is EXO's fandom to get results like that...

2. [+287, -8] They're indeed streamed multiple times but it also means that the fandom is like the public. It would've been daebak if they didn't filter out the multiple streaming.

3. [+183, -9] This information is released by the staff. It means EXO should've won the Melon Music Awards daesang last year. It was controversial but people let it go because it was already done. Seeing this makes me upset again ㅋㅋ Melon basically said fuck you to EXO and fans who worked hard last year.

4. [+137, -2] Kokobap has better results than Monster. Kokobap must have daebak results, then.

5. [+117, -0] If boy groups are all about multiple streaming, then all of the top 3 songs should've been boy groups.

6. [+109, -0] Didn't EXO release the song in the summer? Cheer Up was released in April ㅋㅋㅋ True definition of streaming without taking a breath ㅋㅋ

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