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Awareness of aggressive domestic animals rises with Choi Siwon's dog incident

Article: "You should also disinfect a small wound from a pet and rush to the hospital"

Source: Yeonhab News via Naver

1. [+290, -5] After this, dog owners who don't put a leash on their dog will have no excuse.

2. [+251, -3] If the dog causes trouble, the owner has to be punished. Then people will strictly look after their dogs.

3. [+240, -1] My family has three dogs and all of them weigh less than 15kg together. But putting a leash on them isn't a choice, it's a must!!

4. [+192, -9] The dog might be a pet to you but they're a beast to others!!

5. [+207, -15] We have a lot of dogs out there so we also have a lot of thoughtless owners. People should be banned from having a big dog if they live in an apartment. I'm afraid to run into them in an elevator.

6. [+74, -1] Dog owners shouldn't think they're innocent if their dog harms people. If a car hits someone, the car driver is arrested. Just like this, the law should be changed and the dog owner should be arrested if their dog kills a person. Of course, the car driver has to drive well but the car might malfunction anytime and the driver will still be responsible for it. If the dog is out of control and attacks someone, the dog owner has to be punished by law.

7. [+85, -8] The dog owner must be arrested for attempted murder and be sentenced for 10 years!

8. [+49, -0] So what kind of treatment should we get? The person who got bitten by Super Junior's dog also went to the hospital and got treated, but he still got blood poisoning. I don't think going to the hospital is enough, but we have to require a specific treatment.


Source: Nate

1. [+116, -28] You should also get treated if you get bitten by a person. Human saliva is pure poison.

2. [+81, -6] When it comes to a cat, you get more wounds from their scratching, not biting.

3. [+18, -4] Not just dogs and cats, but it's the same for human bites. Disinfection and treatment are a must if you get bitten by any animal. It's the same for all wounds but infection is the scary thing.

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