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SM is not the same as before since Min Hee Jin took over directing?

Lee Soo Man and Yoo Young Jin were the original producers, but recent albums have been 100% Min Hee Jin's work. For example, Red Velvet had been fully produced by Min Hee Jin since debut. But their recent comeback 'Red Flavor' was directed by Lee Soo Man. The album gave them much more public-recognition. SNSD's early albums like Into The New World and Gee were partially directed by Min Hee Jin. But once she took over the full directing, SNSD songs started to decline. Solo releases like Taeyeon and Kyuhyun were directed by another director Cho Woo Chul.


Pann: SM is not the same as before

1. [+104, -0] Min Hee Jin is only good at coming up with concepts and visual directing... But recently there were controversies of copying Nemo's Dream.

2. [+97, -0] Agreed. It's the case for Red Velvet and NCT Dream. EXO's recent music videos are not that good, either...

3. [+85, -0] They should put more effort into the music videos, at least...

4. [+49, -0] That's why SM stans have been saying that Min Hee Jin is ruining SM.

5. [+48, -0] Can they fire NCT's coordi? They have great songs, performances, visuals, talents, charms, and many fans but their outfits are always brand trashes.

6. [+46, -0] I don't care if they don't promote NCT but I just wish they'd change the coordi. Is it true that the coordi is a spy to make them unpopular until the system is settled?

7. [+45, -0] I've been following SM since the beginning and it's true that they were always ahead of the trends. But Lee Soo Man is 0.5 step ahead whereas Min Hee Jin is 1.5 steps ahead. I can't get used to her stuff.

8. [+41, -1] Exactly... After listening to Red Flavor, I thought Lee Soo Man's directing would make big hits. I wish he'd direct every album... I wonder why he doesn't? Since he's the CEO, it must be impossible to direct every album, I guess?

9. [+36, -0] Maybe Lee Soo Man is too much of a genius... Min Hee Jin is amazing in her ways but because of Lee Soo Man's past work, she seems weak compared to him.

10. [+33, -2] I wish Lee Soo Man would direct NCT's songs. Then they could become popular at once like EXO.

11. [+31, -1] The visual directing is seriously good but the songs are always mediocre. And the music video of Power was shocking... It was so old-fashioned. EXO barely saved it. It looked so outdated.

12. [+28, -0] Honestly, their digital sales are losing to JYP and they're earning the least in the big 3 and are in deficit. It's not because of the singers, it's because of the useless businesses they've done. It pisses me off more.

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