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Assailant of Busan middle school assault had sexually harassed BTS before?

"I'm gonna have sex with BTS,
I'm gonna suck Taehyung's penis with my mouth,
Suga will lick my vagina with his mouth,
I'll put Jungkook's penis in my vagina,
(last sentence is illegible)"


Instiz: Busan assailant Jung Yoomi's past of sexually harassing a boy group

- That's a real mental illness

- I'm getting goosebumps. I think she has a psychological problem.

- Her entire past is getting dug out ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- I'm scared because it might spread out and reach BTS... I think the members will feel really upset.

- I hope Big Hit sues her

- In what environment did she grow up that made her say those things as a kid?

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