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Weki Meki's disappointing debut, can Doyeon and Yoojung save the group?

Pann: Don't you think Weki Meki will flop?

1. [+435, -24] Yes. None of them is doing well except Chungha.

2. [+317, -15] After IOI disbanded, none of the debuted groups did well.

3. [+285, -6] I'm sorry but as extreme as it sounds, I think they'll flop. Even if the two members carry other members, there are just too many members there and there's a huge gap between those two members.

4. [+135, -3] Rather than the song being bad, I think the members don't match well... Pristin and WJSN have pretty and talented members who match well. I think these groups will do better.

5. [+121, -0] Their song is literally terrifying. And 8 members is just too much. I wouldn't mind if the 8 members were charming but no. It should've been 6 members maximum. Were these the best members Fantagio could choose? Seriously?

6. [+107, -2] Doyeon should've debuted in a group like Pristin, After School, and Nine Muses with a concept like Whatta Man. Doyeon was my IOI bias, sobs. Weki Meki's concept is a mess, the members don't match, and the song is mediocre.

7. [+97, -2] Chungha's debut was like "Here I am!!! I'm finally here!!!!!!!" Whereas Weki Meki is like "I'm here... Yeah... I'm here... Wait for me... So I'm here..."

8. [+88, -0] I don't understand why they added Lee Seojung. Since Produce 101, all she had as a related search was 'forehead'. She's not pretty nor talented, either. Just why... Adding Lee Seojung brings no benefit to Weki Meki.

9. [+74, -2] Even God Sejeong and Kang Mina couldn't save Gugudan. How can those two members do anything?

10. [+72, -0] I'm not a fan but even I feel bad... IOI should not have disbanded ㅠㅠ

11. [+64, -3] i-Teen Girls sounds better than Weki Meki.

12. [+64, -13] I'm worried but I hope Yoojung and Doyeon do well...

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