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Oh My Girl Yooa's good proportions for 160cm height?

Pann: Unusual proportions for 160cm height

1. [+115, -45] Oh, isn't she the pathological liar?

2. [+86, -68] Did she get a big sponsor? Why does she keep appearing?

3. [+82, -30] They caused unnecessary controversies because they chose her as the variety member... I guess Oh My Girl doesn't have a member suited for variety shows.

4. [+42, -29] She does look 160cm ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+26, -7] Being a female idol is a hard job... She has good proportions without a flaw but she gets bashed hard because of just one problem.

6. [+20, -7] Being a pathological liar brings more hate then being a criminal... Being a female idol is a hard job.

7. [+20, -10] She looks 160cm though?

8. [+20, -10] I saw her in real life and she really looked like a celebrity. She was skinny and short but she had a really small face and daebak proportions... She stood out the most.

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