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ARMYs tag #BTSBBMAs to forest fire disaster

"Gangneung forest fire #BTSBBMAs It's serious. I don't even know what's going on."

"Oh my god Gangneung forest fire is serious!!! #BTSBBMAs Oh no..."

"#BTSBBMAs What happened to the forest fire at Gangneung?"

"Trending tweets are fine dust, #BTSBBMAs, and Gangneung forest fire. Great."

"#BTSBBMAs Was there a forest fire at Gangneung? That's crazy. I've never witnessed a fire before."

"#BTSBBMAs The forest fire at Gangneung is really serious ㅠㅠ"

"#BTSBBMAs Hul, Gangneung forest fire... My family went to my grandmother's place at Gangneung yesterday for Parents' Day ㅠㅠ I couldn't go with them ㅠㅠ Grandma..."

"What's going on with Gangneung forest fire #BTSBBMAs"

"Hul, what's this about Gangneung forest fire? #BTSBBMAs"

"#BTSBBMAs Forest fire, earthquake, fine dust, yellow dust... The country is a mess, how wonderful..."

"About the forest fire, I feel bad for the animals as well as the people ㅠㅠ #BTSBBMAs I vote for @BTS_twt for the top social artist #BBMAs"

"I hope the forest fire ceases down ㅠㅠ #BTSBBMAs I vote for @BTS_twt for the top social artist #BBMAs"

"Ah, the forest fire is no joke #BTSBBMAs I vote for @BTS_twt for the top social artist #BBMAs"

"???? Forest fire??? #BTSBBMAs"

"#BTSBBMAs The situation of 304 Sangju forest fire is really funny because I saw the fire at 3 and one helicopter was ceasing the fire."

"#BTSBBMAs When will the forest fire be ceased"

"Fine dust, yellow dust, dry-weather warning, ozone warning, and forest fire... #BTSBBMAs That's too much ㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

"#BTSBBMAs Gangneung forest fire started at 11:40, was not extinguished, Sangju forest fire started at 2:10. After it was ceased, it started again at 3:20."

"The forest fire is scary. I heard that it expanded to the city ㅠ #BTSBBMAs I'll keep checking Twitter while voting. Can the wind fucking stop?"

"#BTSBBMAs What is the news doing? It's not a light situation and 6 villages were evacuated. It should be big news. What are they gonna do if it causes any injuries? A lot of people don't even know about the forest fire. They need to report it big."

"Gangneung forest fire ㅠㅠㅠ #BTSBBMAs I hope it gets put out soon!"

"#BTSBBMAs What's this about the forest fire and why is it not on the news? I think it's serious?"

"#BTSBBMAs What happened to the forest fire at Gangneung?"

" #BTSBBMAs There was breaking news on Gangneung forest fire. It's really serious."

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Gangneung forest fire Bangtan
Gangneung forest fire #BTSBBMAs


Instiz: Fandom that tags their artist to the Gangneung forest fire incident

- I was so mad when they demanded people not to generalize the whole fandom. Imagine how upsetting it would be for the people living in Gangneung. They're worrying about their fandom instead of the fire...

- Gangneung is my hometown and I'm really upset because I can't go ㅋㅋ It's even more upsetting because my own fandom is doing this ㅋㅋ Ah I don't know

- Are they crazy... Could they do the same thing if their own family is at the fire?

- Them being a minority isn't important. Do they not understand the situation? Do they not understand the real problem here?

- I hope they apologizes soon

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